Wednesday, April 2, 2014

North Luzon Diaries: The Unstripped Side of Baler

To my law school friends, Bren, Val, Nigel, Nalyn and Brix.

If you have gone to Baler but have not been in this place, you must have not seen the province in its full glory.

Beyond the saturated surfing spots area lies a haven of untouched waters sitting right next to Sierra Madre mountains touching the Pacific Ocean. Just when I thought that Baler is all about surfing, we were lucky to get further to the more peaceful and magnificent side of it. 

This place is more known as Dicasalarin Cove. It's also where the famous Baler lighthouse is located. Going here is a challenge because you have to go through a long winding road just like that great wall in China. You can opt to charter a boat from Sabang Beach but I would not recommend it because they said the waves are very strong. We didn't have a car, so we had to walk, and if you must, you can hitchhike on the trucks and with other tourists that pass by. We attempted that, and people were kind enough to offer the back of their rides to us. 

The locals said this is a privately owned beach nonetheless, we were able to crash without having to pay anything. You can also surf here, but do so at your own risk because the waves are really big and erratic. There are no facilities-I had to change into my bikini at the back of a rock, but for hell I care. I always make a go for these desolated beaches and Dicasalarin was a big and beautiful surprise that awaited us. The place is so quiet, and the sunset is impeccable. Thanks to Bren for showing us this amazing place.

Courtesy of Boyestour 

This is a rocky side of the province, kilometers across the Sabang Beach. We had to go all the way round to look for this place that we're going to stay. We owned this beachfront house for a couple of days, cooked our own food, made our own makeshift bonfire which practically never stood. We trekked the rocks during low tides up to the rock formations. This trip was full of surprises, that includes dilapidated houses by the beach and collapsed bridges at the end of the shore. Sleeping on a mat over the green grasses was not a problem. The nights are even more surreal. We drank ourselves to death and we threw up in the morning. We didn't care. We wished we never had to go home.

From Baler, with love xxx 

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