Tuesday, December 31, 2013

North Luzon Diaries: Baguio City, Benguet Province

I missed Baguio, the place of depressed souls and free spirits. Nothing planned and completely all over the place,  yet we said we had to go back. Three of us women have one thing in common, we were burnout and a trip was desperately called for. This time, we did away with expensive hotels and long itineraries. Instead, we slept at a considerably old traveler's inn, wrote our own impromptu go-to list and drank a bottle of courage for the next few mornings. We asked ourselves each day when we wake up, "So where do we go today?". Then we start plotting the places, ask strangers for directions and walk on our feet through the markets, hardly cleaned streets and long mountain roads with no definite destination. Baguio is a small place. A ride or two will take you to next town or province, and that was what we all need.

Baguio's own version of Rio De Janiro

Most of our stay was spent in Baguio City. We combed through the night markets and unlit streets to find old and shabby bookstores. We took our awaited celebrational last-day drink at this little place where people sang with their guitars beautifully. Baguio is no stranger to most people and I'm pretty sure you've seen these photos on your own trip before. But definitely, there is something in this place that makes you want to go back to it again and again. 

We've met people we feel who are just like us - young, inevitably confused and searching for the right answers among all the wrong decisions and situations we got ourselves into. We hoped to make them right.

*Photos from Lea Peralta

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