Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lights, liquor, smoke and sin

Couple of months before the 2012 ends, I partied hard and pulled out the life in me with abandon. Life in the city will never be complete without that sweaty shindigs and inevitable occasions of losing yourself to the beats of bad-ass music, drowning in that much needed intoxication and spreading love for the sake of humanity. In all honesty, I needed some "life" outside where I am right now, and my friends are just somewhere being awesome when I needed them.

And when we found ourselves together, it was an easy road of crossing hell, to heaven.

Everyone needs an eventful company of good friends, who have no reservation when it comes to losing themselves, whether at a holiday party, a club, or just simple beers over forbidden talks and unconventional affairs.

Photo Courtesy of Energie at Republiq Club, Resorts World

Women and our vainglory.

"A city of sin is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” 
~John Green

We had our own share of vices and virtue, but during moments like this, the most important thing is to forget and let happiness consume you, even for a night.

Through salts on skins and dares of a lifetime.

Through the grinding, sensual crowd and their tequila breaths

To dance like nobody is watching is the one of the most infinite feelings in this restless world.

The Vinimal ♥ DJ Callum


Last year, I found salvation in the comfort of my good old non-conformist just as much insane friends from work, law school, from the past and  from all other unconventional places. Life is always better with friends who drink on the same distress and walk through hell with you.

Keep calm and party on! xoxo

[photos taken from various sources] 

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