Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's in the closet for summer

I realized my blogmood has changed recently, from the usual flair for fashion posts and now to an anthology of photos from the places I'd been running to from time to time, especially  that summer spirit has been around even though the temperature this year has been unnaturally hotter than the previous years. Nonetheless, when it comes to the summer season, we always talk about it vivaciously as we dress for it as brightfully and as blithely as if we were in a sorbet parade.

Dressing up for summer season should be as happy as what the season is made for, exuding a comfortable mood and energy despite the scorching heat! Thus, it also gives us more freedom to flaunt more of our skin and experiment with a wide range of colors and patterns touched by your choice of either light or heavy accessorizing. So, here are some good summer clothes from the closet!


 While tunics and flowy dresses are really trending this season,
we can't seem to get enough of floral dresses. They remain
to be one of the most reliable prints during summer, aside from the fact that the
beauty of flowers will always be immortal. Even designers can't get enough of this.
This empire cut dress mixing a white sheer top extending down to
a layered floral skirt gives off a really sweet style
accented with a Carey Bradshaw inspired belt for a touch of edgy look!
This outfit also exudes a spring feeling from the cherry
blossom like pattern on the skirt splashed with various bright colors.

This pink rose floral tube dress is accessorized
with a wood colored belt for a balanced effect!


This is one of my favorite pieces I call the "Romper of Happiness".
The mix of pastel colors are amazing you're going to feel like a walking cotton candy wearing this.
Again, one of the most important rules in summer dressing is to keep
the bright colors and this light amalgamation of pastels is just perfect for the eyes!

Of course, nature prints never go out of fashion during the spring/summers season.
Images of plants, leaves, trees, sea and all naturale are still of popular craze 
where you can choose from limitless variety of patterns inspired by our own environment.

This is a cropped top dress with leaves pattern backdropped by a gray soil-ish color.


(Pastel Romper/Sweetheart dress)
Double Floral Power
(Floral tube dress in Red/Pink)
I also had to mention that brightly colored shorts are a must this season.
Be sure to have one!
(Cake shorts in aqua blue, lush pink and maroon)

Enjoy your summer!

xoxo, , Gixx

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