Saturday, February 25, 2012


I finally had the time to tinker and remodel my blog. For 2012, I decided to rename my blog to "Anima Bella" which means "beautiful soul" in Italian, and "Wanderlust" for the love of traveling and going to different places experiencing things I haven't experienced. These words make my heart alive all the time. Whenever I go to places and meet new people, I realize there is so much more to see, to learn, to understand and to love. People nowadays choose to live sedentary lives, sit on their tables, visit their Facebooks and Twitters for god knows how many times and how long, and sadly, just opt to see the world within the four walls of their computers and the only connection they establish is their virtual relationships with only the people they have been living with everyday.

In the ancient times, people live on their feet, walk many hours from places to places hoping to discover or find something new and breathe different air from their different and ever changing lives. I think this is still not far from ideal, only if we choose to get out our comfort zones and start doing something out of our ordinary and routinely lives (which involves drinking/partying/overworking and other intoxicating activities). This year, I vowed to myself that I will go to places, many different places, climb mountains, meet little people, challenge the seas and basically just get lost because everything is unplanned and do crazy and silly things under the sun. Off to places, here we go.

Anyway, I'm really so delighted to have posted again here.
On a sidenote, this blog is really amazing, find out why you have to date a wanderer.
For more inspiration, my first post for 2012 are some heartfelt quotes and phrases about traveling, against photos of some of the most solitary places I've been to.

This will bring you to places and see things you never expect.

One of the few photos of my back. :")

PS: I still haven't graduated from my interest in FASHION though I have lesser clothes and shoes now. Here's my latest look (and for those who wanna see the awesome owner of this blog). :")

To the rest of the Philippines and beyond the stars!
GIXX, xoxo

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