Sunday, November 6, 2011

off to paradise: Nagsasa Cove

These recent months, I have been getting sick a lot of times. Cough, colds and fever get back to me more often. It feels like my body is craving for sweat and some strenuous activities like before when I was in college. I get to run almost everyday and play tennis or football or just by walking from buildings to buildings of my classes. Now all I get to sweat on are two levels of floor stairs, and occasional jogging around Ayala (that is, if I'm not lazy). Pretty much for gaining a lot of weight since I've started working. This is how I look now.


I stay in Facebook and internet often, which makes me sicker. Anyhow, I'd like to blog about my recent escapade with my friends to this long awaited reunion/vacation for me, of course with my dearest friends. I'd also be proud to make a travel blog-ish post about this place and the photos I proudly took!

It was known to be the Philippine's secret sanctuary featured in BBC Travel It was worth more than five hours of travel. Nagsasa Cove is located in Zambales, along with the famous coves of Pundaquit and Anawangin, but this place is further kilometers away.

We said to ourselves that this place does not exist. You could clearly see the savanna-ish like mountains enclosing the very clear coast, with the sand that formed the island from the explosion of Mt Pinatubo back in the year of my birth (found this out while talking to one of the people who lives there)

It was hard to explain the splendor of nature in this island. Everything complements each other-the sunlight, the beach, clear skies, serenity and the simplicity of life of the (few) people there.

A boat ride from San Jose takes more or less one hour to get to Nagsasa Cove, passing by Pundaquit and Anawangin coves.

(view from the boat) The ocean view was very therapeutic, though you'd have to be prepared to get wet because the waves are strong. Along the way, you will see great rock formations along shorelines that will remind you of Twilight and Pirates of the Caribbean hih :)

When we arrived, we can't help but take pictures of ourselves in a place we call "temptation island".

The island was very far from the real world. There was no electricity, no cellphone signal, no internet etc. In short, very far from life's bullshits and pressure of techonology. We had to do self-started fire and prepare our own meals. We used freshwater to wash ourselves. When you go here, you should bring important utilities and enough food and water to last for days you plan to stay.

I was excited with the bonfire and drinking session, but we did not drink so much. One of the best parts in Nagsasa is STARGAZING. I mean the stars were amazing and it was the first time I saw a shooting star (x 7times). Definitely, I'll never see such brilliance in the city.

Also the best part is that you are so close to the mountains, look at our shots!

:"> me getting silly

The dawn

and the dusk.

I'd really recommend this place if you want time off to relax and get away from stress, because I did. Some famous destinations are overrated and not very conducive for (peaceful) relaxation because they're crowded. Nagsasa has yet to be discovered, but we'd rather not disclose it's beauty to everyone else to preserve its beauty and contamination from human activities. :)

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